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Yadira Hernandez

Brokerage Assistant

With many years of experience in the industry, Yadira Hernandez functions as the Brokerage and Property Management Assistant for Focus Commercial Real Estate. Her contributions to the office include many of the clerical tasks that help the office run smoothly which include managing our filing system, answering tenant phone calls, and field maintenance calls. Working closely with marketing and property management, Yadira makes sure all properties have the exposure they need by managing all the different property listing services we offer our clients, such as LoopNet and Crexi.


In addition to having more than 5 years of commercial property office administration experience, Yadira is also a licensed Realtor. She started her Real Estate career in Las Vegas in 1991 in the U.S. home mortgage industry, helping guide people looking to get a loan. We are proud to say that Yadira has international Real Estate experience as she managed a Real Estate Office successfully in Mexico for 7  years. She is a creative thinker and a quick learner. Her strong ability to adapt to change is admired amongst her colleagues.


Yadira is passionate about her community and has a drive for being an advocate for those who need it the most. She spends her spare time translating important documents and newsletters for Embracing Hope, an international cancer awareness program. Family time is a virtue for Yadira, and she values every moment she gets to spend with them

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